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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Week of 5/8/06-5/12/06

This week the Art class began to paint, did the online color wheel worksheet , tints and shades painting, color wheel painting.
TCM2 class did an animated greeting card.
On Thursday, the wireles base station was removed from my classroom before being set up to access the replacement. This is not abig issue, but it hightlights the lack of communication between techniciazns and teaching staff, as well demonstrates the low priority given to providing continuous instruction through the use of technology tools. My supervisor insinuated that I was paranoid when I brought the matter to her attention, "no one is out to get you", strange? It was 4pm, she probably had a long day also saying that she had met with about 20 families of struggling students. She did show lots of support on Friday morning, unfortunately a teacher was struck by a hostile student. "If a student thinks that they can hit a teacher in this building then things are really going to change around here." " You have all been very nice trying to spare me the gory details but I assure you that safety is my number onr priority and things will be changing around here."


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