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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Week of 5/19/06-5/12/06

Mon: out sick
Fri: Peer rewiew for Mr. Moloney
Art 1 :
This week students worked on final culminatine pottery project which requires that they make three whimisically inspired objects that relate to one another; a matching 'set' of objects. These projects are turning out nice. Here is a website I showed them suggesting that if they couln't think of anything else they should make a teapot and matching tea cups.
This is the second to the last project. Unfortunately instruction has been interupted yet again due to technology equipment problems. Without warning the ability of my students and myself to wirelessly connect to the internet has been terminated. Apparently the technicians must change the configuration now, during the last days of instruction rather than wait until the summer. So that started last week and as the iBooks were about to be reconfigured it came up that the technicians would not only like to reconfigure but also reimage machines. So we got the machines back and have been asked to have students back up all files to insure that they get credit for all work. For now we have all moved to working on the DELL desktops which can be glitchy at times, not a big deal, just a few days classwork time lost.


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