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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Advisory; sitting in circles

I've known this, but hesitated, if I want engagement I have to be engaged. If I ask them to do something I have t0 do it with them. Much of my frustation with their bad manors, poor group ettiquette, and general teen bellyaching, has been relieved by simply putting more into our time together myself. We sit in a circle in my beautiful Yoga ZONE space. We did a couple pages from our College Board (CB) college planning guide workbook regarding how our choices indicate our values, how things we are good at and like lead us towards career exploration. This led to a discussion of family, and in particular sisterhood, since the results showed that the group valued: family, friends, entertainment, and fashion(shopping).
I took one girl aside to speak to her about something that has been on my mind, she is very negative and unkind/insensitive in her remarks to the group, any group; she doesn't really talk to anyone in particular but blurts out loud negative feedback like " would someone turnoff the music it is really annoying" " I don't want to write right now, I can't write when some forces me to write". I expressed my observations, she got defensive, I explained that I wasn't saying she is bad, i am just sharing with her my impressions, and that I want to help her get along in a more positive way in class participation. I also suggested that if she really didn't want to write, to write about what that feels like, she rolled her eyes and gave a big sigh of boredom. So I suggested that she write it sometime later in the day on her schedule and show it to me tomorrow. She was absent 'tomorrow' for the first time this year, maybe coincidence.

Meanwhile, it was highlighted that my family is not, was not, as close as some of these girls' families are, and we should share about it. So the writing reflection was on sisterhood, this and a little talk took the entire advisory. I invited everyone to bring in 1-2 family photos that represented something that showed up in their reflection. They were eager to share their story and photo, and commented on one anothers, and we only made it through half the be continued on Monday.
The girls want t0 order in food as a group since we don't have open lunch. Maybe next year we will?


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