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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The countdown begins

I am going to MFTA today with my Principal and AP, just the kind of team I like: roll up your sleeves and DIY. That's how I learn. Being the people pleaser that I am, I am self conscious about not learning as much from reading and writing, given the push for literacy in the ED engines. I know what I do is a form of literacy, a particular learning stlye that I do believe I excell at, the visual, listening, observation, experiential, trial and error, guess and check method. I think i found a place where that's gonna be OK. And they care about Art. However, I look forward to this new journey in my 9th year of teaching, as I'm finally ready to roll up my sleeves to read, write, reflect, research, revise, and recur. Oh yeah, and meditate for at least 18 minutes a day.

So I'm the tech specialist, in a brand spankin' new school, in the Empowerment Zone, NYC. I never cease to be amazed at how the hindsight view shows me that the crooked paths I take get me where I'm going, wanted to get to all along. So we have NOTHING yet, some empty rooms and some great energetic educators and 180 or so young minds filling the space in September. I'm hoping to get some cool free furniture for my empty classroom. Yikes, that balance between creativity and structure...Balance between the type A me and the type B I want to be more of.


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