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Wednesday, November 01, 2006


I don't know what I've been doing to keep me from posting...let's see;
  • NWEA aternative assessment prep. and admin
  • checking in new equipment, computers and cameras etc.
  • formatting and tagging the new machines, facilitating lockdown and security
  • making our Fall orientation video with two days notice; see it HERE, (15 min., 72Mb)
  • and making phone calls home becuase some of my advisory girls are cutting class and generally not doing so well academically and conduct wise
  • prepping for 4 different elective classes. Advisory is not supposed to involve prep but it does, and Yoga is pretty easy to prep for, math elective needs a lot of prep. 7th video is an easy prep.
Saturday we have a College Board PD all day, and I'm having my bathroom renovated. Maybe I should hold off on the bathroom until things calm down at work. Do things ever calm down in a first year school?
Tomorrow if all goes acording to plan, the 7th graders will be having thier first shoot day. It is possible that I will be pulled away from that to continue proctoring exams.
I am overdue in getting progress reports out to kids. This is my first foray into using rubrics, (bottom of webpage). Next week is our first open school event.


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