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Sunday, August 13, 2006

No coincidences

I just met Barbara and Richard through my friends Madeline and Peter, out at Rockaway. I am starting a writing practice of my own, starting a job at a writing school, and they are writing artists, teachers, and publishers! My motivation and creative impulse has been stimulated.
Ariella is a fellow Yoga teacher trainee and high school class of 2006 graduate. She seemed like a girl well into her college years, she was articulate, outspoken, and exuded confidence, intelligence and curiosity.
As I overheard her offer to help another student by typing her paper, I butted in and asked her about her typing experience, explaining that I am interested from the High School teacher perspective. She is coming from an all girls school in Cleveland, with an emphasis on writing. She tells me that she is so glad that she can type, and so fast in fact that her typing speed is irrelevant, she can write at the speed of thought. Now I am an convinced that typing is a good thing and I will endeavor to teach it. I think that Mary, the 7th grade ELA teacher at WJPS, and I will collaborate on writing and typing practice from the ELA perspective.
I am going to say now that I will attempt to practice what I teach, in this case touch typing and writing here at least every three days.


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