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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Day2: 9/6/06; The Comtemplative Mind

“Good work” is defined as work that is at
once excellent in quality, responsive to the needs of the broader community, and personally
meaningful. "

"Perhaps not surprisingly, very few
mentioned involvement in contemplation. We did discover, however, that
most subjects have developed idiosyncratic forms of deep, thoughtful reflection
that they regularly make time for, despite how busy their lives are. Subjects
discussed using reflection to manage problems that arise in their work,
generate ideas for particular work projects, and conceptualize how their
personal identities are aligned with their professional objectives."
"For individuals at all levels—young students, graduate school students, and new
and veteran professionals—opportunities to consider the meaning of work for themselves
and others are rare, but imperative. Society needs professionals who care about good work. "


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