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Monday, September 25, 2006

7th video: screen tests, camera operations,

choosing a production, choosing crew roles, scripts.

For the screen test and learning how to use the camera, the ELA teacher and I are teaming up on a monologue project. The kids will shoot and perform in a round-robin style. The first kid will learn the camera while shooting another, the just filmed kid will then be the camera operator for the next kid, and so on. She asked them to write a persuasive piece on why they should be allowed to go to a party where there will be no adult supervision.

The class chose these the four films below to produce, and now they have chosen which one they will work on and what job(s) they will take on in the crew. Each group recorded the results with chart paper and markers.
  1. "Crazy in Love", romance
  2. "The Unknown", suspense
  3. "Diary of the Dead", horror
  4. Fast Food exposed, documentary


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