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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Advisory: Trust

13 9th grade girls.
The college Board gave us a manual full of good lessons. I decided to do 2 days on trust to try to break up a clique I saw forming within the girls. Just making them sit in a circle broke it up pretty much. They are chatty but they follow instructions, if reluctantly sometimes. I figured trust was a dramatic topic that we could bond over, and we talked about it in summer PD with regard to community building.

  1. sit in a circle, each member of the group takes a turn sharing about someone they trust and why (one didn't trust anyone)
  2. group discusion of when they might have felt their trust was betrayed
  3. Each group member takes a turn sharing about whether they consider themselves trustworthy and why (only one copped to being a bit of a gossip when the person involved was someone tehy didn't like)
  1. girls pair up with a group member they trust, or are willing to trust
  2. one blindfolds the other and leads then around the perimeter hallway
  3. the sighted leader of the pair is responsible for the safety of the Blinded one
Since there was an odd number so I joined in. It was hard to lead her, I ran her into a couple people and a wall or two as I tried to direct the rest of the class at the same time. When she led me, she abandoned me about halfway through, saying that I needed to learn to do it on my own but she would make sure I didn't get seriously hurt. I suppose the other girls had good insticts in not choosing her as a partner.

There are two doorways to go through and mostly we were bumping into one another
I want to take this into activities about making good choices, non-violent(physical and mental) conflict resolution, being a good citizen of the world.


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