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Sunday, September 24, 2006

The hands off alter-approach; alternative to me at least

So I'm learning to be hands off and let the the kids inquire of one another, and come up with solutions on their own. Amazing, they can do it!!!
I told the groups to collect certain data on the entire class as a project to use Multiple Intelligences. Chaos insued, and a coupleof them came to me to complain and get more direction. My default is to tell them how I THINK the should do it. Instead I said " you guys have to figure that out with your group, how can you getteh data?" A few minutes later one of them had a solution and asked me to tell teh class. Instead I just got them to quiet down and give their attention to th ekids with the idea, he told them his strategy, the agreed, and they all got the data. It was beautiful.
I am learning this from my boss and my other colleagues who help translate what the boss is telling us about leaving things open for discussion, and letting the kids figure stuff out. I usually have all the answers and can't walk away without a resolution. I'm also learning lots of this by watching/reading what other teachers are blogging about.


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